Do you work in the creative industry but need a more stable income? Amongst our varied franchise owners are creative people who are actors, musicians, photographers and artists. The work they get through their creative jobs isn’t always regular and doesn’t give them financial security.

By owning a World Options franchise, they are able to make a regular income through their business, working flexible hours which allows them the time to fit their creative work around it.

The World Options franchise opportunity provides residual income, so you are constantly growing your business. Many creatives who become a franchisee choose to work their franchise 3-4 days a week and fulfil their creative roles during the remaining time in the evenings and at weekends.

If that sounds like the kind of arrangement that would suit you, get in touch with us for a chat about your options.

My early career was as a gymnast and then as an acrobat, which I enjoyed immensely. I moved into acting and had a successful career for 20 years, securing roles on television and on stage. But around four years ago, I started looking for a more steady job and something that I could rely on in the future. That is when I found out about franchising opportunities with World Options.

Three and a half years later, I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved. World Options has become my main career and enables me to enjoy acting on the side without the constant pressure and concern over when the next role might come in. I’m my own boss and responsible for how well my franchise performs, but I have the support of World Options and the other franchisees. This is incredibly valuable when you’re operating alone. The independence is one of the main advantages of franchising.

My advice to those considering franchising is to absolutely go for it, but don’t do it blindly. Spend plenty of time researching and thinking about the type of work you want to do beforehand. World Options suited me as I can work from home and choose my hours whereas other franchising opportunities require owners to establish and man physical premises.

  • Gary Cross
  • - North West London
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