If you have spent years working in the import/export industry and have lots of knowledge and experience, then World Options could be the perfect opportunity for you. What do you do with all that knowledge? You use it to your advantage with a franchise.

World Options is the perfect solution for those who are familiar with the industry and have worked as an importer/exporter previously. Some of you may have worked for couriers, others may have lots of experience using their services.

Whatever your background, World Options can offer you the chance to put your skills and knowledge as importers/exporters to good use and earn a good living with flexible working hours. Use your contacts to your advantage and build up a residual income with your very own franchise.

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I became a World Options franchise owner because I wanted to build a business that my family could be part of. For me the franchise is something that can provide financial security for the futures of both my son Nathan and son-in-law Ross. Now after just 2 years, they both run the business while I can now take more of a backseat. I am absolutely delighted that I decided to become a World Options franchisee.

I’ve been in the carrier and franchising industry for many years but this is the best franchise I’ve been part of. I was introduced to the World Options online shipping portal by chance and soon realised what an amazing tool it was, it allowed me to simplify my shipping needs, I heard there were franchising opportunities and knew I wanted to become part of the business. It was the best decision I ever made.

My dream was to have a family business that would provide a residual income that we could build on with a real opportunity for growth. I believe we have done that and the business brings us excellent income and keeps growing year on year.

  • Leland Mayall
  • - Oldham
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