Out of Work

Have you found yourself suddenly out of work and not sure what to do next? Maybe you’ve been made redundant from a role you were in for many years. Perhaps you had reached a senior management level in a company before having to leave.

Getting back into employment can be an uphill struggle, especially if you’ve got years of professional experience in one particular industry. You are probably overqualified for a lot of jobs out there and it may take you twice as long to secure another position. At World Options we are looking for people just like you with experience at all levels.

Maybe it’s time to embrace the situation you are in and become your own boss. We have many franchisees like you who have used their years of business experience to build fantastic World Options franchises and are now earning triple what they were making before when they were employed by someone else.

Does that sound good to you? If so, get in touch!

After myself and my wife were made redundant I knew I never wanted us to be in that position ever again. I wanted to start a business that would succeed, so I took the opportunity and bought a World Options franchise. I run the business with my wife Sil from home as it allows us the flexibility of family life.

I have to say I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to start a business. In just 3 years we have built a successful business. Our company is expanding and we have recently recruited staff because our list of clients has really grown. That’s one of the great things – it is a business that you can start small and build on. Having less overheads means we can achieve a greater profit margin and residual income.

It has definitely changed our lives, we have more financial security and freedom. We can now treat ourselves to luxuries, for example 3 years ago I was driving a very average old car, this year we recently bought our dream Range Rover. I never thought we’d be able to afford such things. World Options are definitely unique in the industry with great tools which business customers need. That’s why owning a World Options franchise is such a good business idea.

  • Sil & Lucky Chana
  • - Leicester
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